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It’s time to help my brother with his credit.


We found this – a Kohls/Chase credit card.  He did not apply for the card.  He most certainly did not use it.  We strongly suspect who did.  Proving her and the fraud would be tough.


  1. Do we contact Kohls/Chase and try to get the card number?
  2. Do we contact Kohls/Chase and give them the CORRECT address?
  3. Do we contact Kohls/Chase and ask them to cancel the card?
  4. Do we contact Kohls/Chase and ask them to delete the tradeline?  It currently has one 30 day late (June 2007), credit limit $500, high balance $118.  Last reported July 2009, current balance (then) as zero.  Shows as an open account.
  5. Do we contact Kohls and ask for a copy of the credit card application?


He currently only has one active credit card that HE applied for, knows about, and uses.


Thank you, in advance, for your responses.  There will be several postings withquestions.  Each post relates to a different aspect/issue of the credit report.  I promise!

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Re: Kohls

If he wants the card, get the address changed, report the card as lost and get a new card with a new number. That should do it.


That said, if someone was app'ing credit in my name I would have them arrested for identity theft.


Has that account ever been used?

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Re: Kohls

From reading this post and the other post you posted, it seems like someone he knows applied for credit in his name. 
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Re: Kohls

And that is illegal.


If not handled correctly (now that he has become aware of the situation) there could be serious consequences.

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Re: Kohls

I wouldn't go through the process of trying to prove someone comitted fraud. .  The good thing is it didn't ruin his credit.   He need to safeguard his private documents to avoid potential problems in the future. 
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Re: Kohls

Someone is running around with a name, SSN and DOB, opening accounts and has generated a late. If someone did this to me I would at the very minimum file a police report so my backside was covered in case a large problem happened in the future. The foe has the keys to the kingdom - there is nothing stopping them from doing it again!
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Re: Kohls

1.  We are pretty confident that the person who has done this is his "x".  Even his marriage was considered fraud by the courts and was annulled.

2.  It would be very tough, even with the original applications in hand, to prove that she was the one who committed identity theft.

3.  She does have his ssn# and his dob.   She has even forged his signature and had it falsely notarized (she did both - the forgery and the notification under a false identity).  Her repeated acts of fraud and identity theft have been to court many times.  She gets a slap on the wrist, maybe a weekend in jail, and that's it. 


The idea of calling in the card as lost or stolen is a great idea!   

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Re: Kohls

This needs to go to court again. I would take the matter up with both a state and federal proscecutor.
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Re: Kohls

IOBA, I know it's unpleasant, and it does look like the courts aren't taking this seriously, but your brother needs to file a police report on this to protect himself in the future.

Obviously, she's very likely to keep doing this. His only defense and protection will be to have filed a complaint now. Otherwise, lenders will say that he knew she was doing this and tolerated it, and they most certainly will keep coming after him in the future. He might have to freeze his credit or something, although if he's trying to rebuild, that will be a PITA for him during the app process.

I don't know that I would keep the Kohl's card. That might make future defenses shaky, in that he kept the account for himself.

Also, if he wants to GW that late, he'll probably have to prove (copy of police report, etc.) that it wasn't his late. Just saying "my ex did it" is right up there with "the dog ate my homework" when it comes to unverifiable explanations.

Good luck to both of you!
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Re: Kohls

What a mess. I would freeze your reports and unlock them only when you app. Don't keep the Kohl's card. My guess is the x has the kids so this is very sticky. File police reports.
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