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LL Bean Visa

Offerred by Barclays.


Anyone who has this card can pitch in on their approvals. Is it a tough one to get?

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Re: LL Bean Visa

I have one.  They pulled TU for me last November.  I believe my score back then was about 755 with one 7-year old baddie.  They gave me a $6300 limit and I initiated a CLI to $9600 in April 2011.  Once in a while they have good balance transfer offers and I've found their customer service reps to be extremely friendly (although I don't call them much). 


I enjoy the card for all of the above.  It helps with utilization when I let balances report before I PIF.  I'm not sure about their minimum requirements.  The CLI was a HP on TU and from what I've read, they almost exclusively pull TU.  This is the only Barclays card I have.  I called about PCing it to the Barnes and Noble card but they said I would have to apply for that since they do not do PCs.  I'll probably try again at some point.

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Re: LL Bean Visa

I used to have this card back when it was MBNA then BOA bought it. I closed the card and had payment plans on it and love LL Bean products (as do the Northeast people :smileyhappy:)


I had a $3k CL back then and I was just on theirr website, they have great deals when using thier card.

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Re: LL Bean Visa

Don't do it! Although it's does have the great LL Bean coupon rewards, I had a very bad experience with them sneaking extra charges into my interest charges! I paid off the card after arguing with them via email for days but didn't cancel it because I am working on improving my credit (it's 650) and was advised not to cancel it. Months later, more interest charges appeared!! This time I called, and the lady promised to remove the charges after I asked for her manager. She didn't! I have 18 years of credit card history and have never had such a bad experience with a credit card company. 

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