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Lerner's NY - Store Card

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Lerner's NY - Store Card

Anyone have any experience with this. I don't have many details about it because I applied during check out. I always swore I wouldn't do that but today I did.




Just wanted to know if anyone had ever dealt with them and what they are like



Thanks in advance!

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Re: Lerner's NY - Store Card

isn't this new york & company now?  that's what came up when i googled it.


i just got a ny & c card in october.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Lerner's NY - Store Card

You know what.... I didn't know that's why I put both names....


I don't even shop at that store.. I used to a long time ago when I needed work clothes and clothes for going out but .....


Now I litterally work in a tiny little town that has - a gas station, a bank, a mom and pop lunch place and a church.... not even a red light!


I could probably come to work in my pajamas and as long as they were neat and clean and I was fully covered no body would say anything!


I went in there to get ONE pair of pants that I saw from the window that happened to match this fuschia colored sweater I had on today and that was it. I don't know how I came out with a credit card! I have just been app happy lately. Smiley Sad

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Re: Lerner's NY - Store Card

i hear ya on the app-happy thing.......i went a little crazy in october.  i'm trying to keep it under wraps now!  it can be so addicting!


since i only just got the card, i can't say how great or awful they are.  but WFNNB is the bank behind lane bryant & victoria's secret as well, which we just happen to have as well Smiley Wink


they have been pretty good, as far as CLIs.  i have asked for one basically every 3 or 4 months, & always get one.  the amounts vary, because you can ask for an amount on the lane bryant card.  so the increases have varied from $200 to $400.  Smiley Happy


the only drawback of course is the 22.8% interest their cards carry!

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Re: Lerner's NY - Store Card

Lerner's NY was a CC that could be used at both Lerner's and New York and Company stores. Since they are no longer sister companies, you cannot use the card at both stores. The card is now New York and Company. Lerner is now Metrostyle.

I had this card back when it could be used at both stores. I was given a small CL and don't ever recall it increasing. I love these stores and used the CC all the time.

Even though I no longer have the card (and they keep trying to get me to re-apply), I am a MAJOR shopper at both stores. I LOVE their clothes and they are very good at taking care of their loyal customers, card holders or not. I get discounts/coupons ALL THE TIME ($30 off $60, 40-50% off purchase, etc). I just bought approx. $130.00 worth of clothes at NY&Co. yesterday for $60.00. I still get good deals so having their CCs won't necessarily benefit me any more. If you spend a lot of money there, it may be to your benefit. I don't know. Since you already burned the inquiry, use the CC. They have really nice clothes too.

What CL did they give you?
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