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Long shot with BofA

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Re: Long shot with BofA

Creditaddict wrote:
So here is the info! MY BK was not 1 year old when I applied back in March and they don't issue cards to BK under 1 year, AFTER 1 year she said they don't count the BK when issueing FULLY SECURED CARD.  She said RE-APPLY and I should be approved this time!!!!!
I'm doing it now, I'm going to overnight this application to them! lol

That's great!! I had wonderful luck with them yesterday after mine unsecured and bumped to 5k.
I added the secured number to sylvia's thread of backdoor numbers.
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Re: Long shot with BofA

PO box so was forced to priority it! I wanted FEDEX OVERNIGHT AM!
I'm so excited that I might actually get my foot in the door, if they decline me again I will cry
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