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Lost my wallet :(

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Re: Lost my wallet :(

Duncanrr wrote:
Biggest pain is having to get another ID. DMV sucks Smiley Wink

DMV worst place to be in. 


Sorry about your lost wallet OP. 

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Re: Lost my wallet :(

I wouldn't even know where to start if I lost my wallet, sorry to hear that OP. 


The DMV will definitely be the hardest 

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Re: Lost my wallet :(

colindidit wrote:

Rhaeny wrote:

Oh wow...sorry to hear about that.  This must be just one big headache.  That just made me think, aren't some of these monitoring services supposed to have an automatic identity theft/loss protection?  I could have sworn that I read that you could call them and somehow they are able to quickly notify every creditor listed on your CBR?  I have USAA monitoring and I thought that was there.  Anybody know about this?

The link posted i think like 3 up has that option but i dont really want to pay 40 dollars a month. Anyone have this on their cards for free that was an easy approval i can apply for in the near future in case this happens again ?

i see you have a BofA card.

I use BofA privacy assist for credit monitoring - i think it's about $12  a month.

i get quarterly mini-credit reports and scores and email alerts for any significant changes during the interim between quarterly reports

iirc, they also offer where you can register up to 20 credit/debit cards... i assume this is so they can help you if your cards are lost or stolen or if you've had your identity 'stolen'


from personal experience about 8 yrs ago when my purse was stolen ,i was told if you report the incident to the police (because of possibility of identify theft), you can somehow get CRAs to provide you with free credit reports.  i think you can do that without having a credit monitoring service assist you, but BofA privacy assist offers help with identity theft issues  

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Re: Lost my wallet :(

DMV!!!!! I know abut DMV!!! Been trying to get duplicate copy of my D.L. for almost a year now. I lost my wallet with all of my ID including my ss card. In NJ the DMV require 6-points of ID and I dont have it because I lost my wallet. I know what your going through. Sorry to hear that.

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Re: Lost my wallet :(

Oh, that's gonna suck.  Especially if you're one of the guys on here with umpteen cards.

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Re: Lost my wallet :(

I wasn't carrying them all luckily.. And yeah jersey sucks my brother lives there so I know all about that **bleep** lol
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Re: Lost my wallet :(

that sucks man, credit cards are no big deal a few phone calls and thats taken care of.  Id be upset that id have to get another ID and SS card if those were in the wallet and worry about someone using my identity. 
I never carry my ss card in my wallet and only carry the cards im using for that month.

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Re: Lost my wallet :(

I hope this never happens to my dad, mom nor sister because....well......I LOVE THEIr CREDIT CARDS AND WOULD HATE TO KNOW THAT THEY ARE BEING USED BY SOME STARNGER. hahha that mst be the crappiest feeling. EVERYHTING WELL BE FINE JUST CALL AND CANCEL  RIGHT AWAY Smiley Happy



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Re: Lost my wallet :(

It's a nightmare and DMV here are very very strick!! Even though they can look-up my picture on their database, it doesn't matter with them.

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Re: Lost my wallet :(

Give_Me_Credit_Please wrote:

It's a nightmare and DMV here are very very strick!! Even though they can look-up my picture on their database, it doesn't matter with them.

I am from NJ as well. There's a valid reason our DMV is so strict. Some of the 9/11 terrorists had valid NJ drivers licenses. Everything I need to go to the DMV is kept in a safe deposit box. You really only need a Birth Certificate, Social Security card, and a credit card bill to get 6 points.

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