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Lowe's Home Improvement Project Card


Lowe's Home Improvement Project Card

Does anyone have any experience with the home improvement loan from Lowe's?  They have different APR tiers for different credit scores but nobody I've contacted seems to know how to determine which tier I might fall under.  Thanks! 
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Re: Lowe's Home Improvement Project Card

I worked in Lowe's CS about a year ago.  I'm trying to remember so I will explain as best as I can the difference in cards....
Regular store card....  seems to always have 0% for either 6 or 12 months.  Sometimes it is just for flooring or just appliances.  Sometimes (around holidays) it's usually for any entire purchase of $299 or more. (on same receipt)
I didn't do alot of apps for the project card.  Honestly, the only thing I remember about it was that it was usually a higher CL.    Say you make a purchase of $3000.... you have so many months to pay it back (in full).  I don't recall whether the number of months had to do with the apr, but I think it did.  Like the longer you choose to pay it off, the higher the apr.  I think there was actually a minimum that you had to purchase, too. 
crap, that's all I can remember.  If you wanted more info on it and were really interested, I'd go to the CS desk and ask for a phone number for the card.  (Because while working there the whole 5 years, I only say 2 of these "special" cards so I doubt CS could actually assist you further.)
It would also help, too, if you mentioned how much you planned on buying when talking with the card rep. 
HTH...... I know, it's not much....sorry
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