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Lowering APRs?

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Re: Lowering APRs?

JeffM wrote:

DFStudent wrote:

I would call and ask if I were you. It doesn't hurt and usually won't result in a HP. You might want to ask just to clarify though. If you PIF every month, then the APR doesn't matter as much... But it'll make you feel better if it gets lowered. Smiley Happy


You could use the technique that you keep getting offers in the mail with lower APRs and you want to ask current CCs if they will beat or match mail offer APR. This is the route I usually go and it has always worked for me.

Great point! Ya I PIF always but it fields weird to have cards at 22+% And like you said, I'll feel better with them lowered Smiley Happy

Just contact them to see about what options are available.  Chase will likely won't budge but you may have better luck with the other(s).  Also, the review will not be a HP.

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