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Re: Macy's hard pull for cli....

score_building wrote:

Pappy214 wrote:

The same thing happened to my DW last month. I posted it here in the forums, apparently nobody believed me. She was told it is every six months now for the store card. They denied her GLI, and said to call back at the six month mark. The BS about it is my DW has already reached Platinum this year, and they have not upgraded her card to that either, they said they only upgrade now at the end of the year to whatever you reached the previous year.


I am tired of going to Macy's every week and making a payment on a crappy small limit for her card. It is a PITA (pain in the ...).


So, Macy's gets no more love until they show us some.

1.  i saw your post but had hoped that maybe it was just a new cs rep or something (since i received a 3 month GLI after you posted)  the timing of this change would though make sense, since they reportedly just increased the apr of 100% of their card holders (store and visa).


2.  i just received a gold store card last week.  when i called and spoke to an apparently outsourced representative he said he could check my account and have a gold card sent out to me "straight away" (at that time i was a few dollars short of the required spending so he said i could call back after spending 1.24 more, lol.)  i called back after meeting the requirement and the US agent i spoke with said she would put in a request, WTH?  outsourced reps. are authorized to send card upgrades to qualified card holders right away but US reps have to put in a request?  shortly after i received a denial letter! 


since  the first rep i spoke said it was a go, i glazed over the denial (since it seemed odd) and i called back and again spoke to an outsourced rep. who reviewed my acct with me on the phone and sent me a gold card which had already updated as gold on the website the same week i received the denial letter.


3.  you don't prefer to pay online? 

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2. Yep sounds about right. The red card call number (on the back of the card) got my wife to an "outsourced" employee who said she met the gold standard but not quite the platinum. If she spent another 24.57 she would reach platinum. My DW decided to put $84 on the card just to be safe. When we went to the store to pay the bill she used the stores courtesy phone and spoke to an American. She was not given the upgrade to either gold or platinum. Come to think of it, last week she too received a "denial" letter for the card upgrade. That seemed odd.


3. Yes we pay online too. But online only accepts payments once a week. (If people don't believe me try paying online and then try making another payment online a day or two or even three later. It won't let you.) We have to go to the store and pay by check a few days later because with the small cheesy limit one dang blouse can max out the card.


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Re: Macy's hard pull for cli....

Back in December it was still 3 months between gli's for the store card and Visa (at least for me), but they hard pulled for me. It annoyed me so much that I've started using my Macy's Visa at Kohl's. But in this credit climate, 6 months between gli's doesn't surprise me. According to the cs supervisor I talked to last month, the're not supposed to do a hard pull without the courtesy of asking you, but they're doing it anyways. A lot.
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Re: Macy's hard pull for cli....

I got 3 month GLI 2 weeks ago... I don't think it's 6 months!!!
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Re: Macy's hard pull for cli....

brisdad wrote: 
According to the cs supervisor I talked to last month, the're not supposed to do a hard pull without the courtesy of asking you, but they're doing it anyways. A lot.

I should of asked. I just assumed it was going to be a soft. It was a soft at the 3 month mark when i asked for my first cli.

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