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Macys Store Card into Visa

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Macys Store Card into Visa

I'm wondering if I can convert my Macys store card (which I hardly ever use, hard to spend money when you're trying to be frugal) and was wondering if I can convert this to one of their Visa store cards. How can I go about doing that?


I'm figuring it'll be easier to do it with them since I already have a card with them. No?

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Re: Macys Store Card into Visa

I hear you have to go into the store to apply and it is a hard pull also the APR is HIGH.  It is not an upgrade like a Nordstrom store card to a Visa card.

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Re: Macys Store Card into Visa

I think Macy's announced that they will no longer be offering the Visa, but will now offer a Macy's AmEx card in addition to the store card.

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Re: Macy's Store Card into Visa

You will need to call Macy's cs to inquire about upgrading to a Macy's Visa.  Not sure if having a Macy's will go in your favor as far as upgrading but requesting their visa is a hard pull.  According to the press release Macy's Amex goes into effect sometime later this year .

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Re: Macy's Store Card into Visa

I would wait until they have switched from VISA to AMEX co branding.    CitiBank is issuer.   Good Luck

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Re: Macy's Store Card into Visa

if you get 'upgraded' to the macy branded visa, two accounts will show up on your credit report. 

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