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Making payments from your bank

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Re: Making payments from your bank

As for myself, I like using the credit card's sites because payments are credited faster than ACH billpay.

Sometimes, I will use billpay only for additional payments. Concerning mobile payments, It's not for me.


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Re: Making payments from your bank

TheSpeculator wrote:
Andre thanks for your comment. I see how that can make an easier work flow.

Brosef, the avail showing up instantly- I noticed that today. Is that new?

Yeah I think they started doing that about a month ago. Great feature! 

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Re: Making payments from your bank

I pay from my CU account because I want to push payments whenever I feel like it, whether or not I've already made two or more payments during the billing cycle. Some issuers frown upon that. In my case, the payment goes exactly on the day I choose. My Amex account shows the payment the same day AND the money is gone from my CU account.


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Re: Making payments from your bank

I pay everything from my bank account with Chase.  Chase is excellent at their billpay servicing and I can easily see when is the last time I paid my bill all in one spot.  I can run quick reports, download all of the transactions, see the future payments, etc.  I don't like logging into all of the the different websites to pay.  I am the type that likes to see the entire pie at one time and cutting up the pie by logging into each creditors website doesn't make that easy IMO.


However, all in all this is a personal preference and it doesn't matter how they get paid as long as they do get paid Smiley Happy.   

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Re: Making payments from your bank

I pay all my bills Electronically (those I don't pay with a CC),  even my Rent payments are done though my banks On-Line Bill Pay. I love Bill Pay it's so much more simple and hassle free. 


1 - No Outstanding Checks to keep track of 

2 - Allows me not to have to keep a Check Registar as everything comes and goes out of my Account in Real Time. 

3 - Nothing to mail, so no stamp buying or envelope licking

4 - Payments are sent through the ACH, so they Posted/Credit the same day they're recieved...NO HOLDING FUNDS! by the billers It's the Law! 

5 - Payments are Recieved by Biller and Deducted from Checking on the exact day I schedule. Nothing is Floating (again allows me to be Check Registar Free)


My main Checking account is with Ally and their Bill Pay feature is simply AWESOME!

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