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Maximum Total Amex CL without Financial Documentation

I have heard that the maximum credit line request without financial documentation across all amex accounts is $34,500. One of my cards is at $25,000 and the other at $9,000. Thus, I am just under that supposed limit. Under the six month rule I should be able to request an increase on the 18th and I would like to have the lower account raised to at least $15,000.


Does anyone know if my request will result in Amex asking for documentation of my income?

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Re: Maximum Total Amex CL without Financial Documentation

I think I would just call the EO and straight-up ask them.

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Re: Maximum Total Amex CL without Financial Documentation

I've exceeded 70k on my Amex charge. No FR or even request to pay early. This exceeds my total CL on all my LOCs. It may be they are stricter on revolvers.

I have reestablished credit over the last couple years
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Re: Maximum Total Amex CL without Financial Documentation

I have no idea in 2010- til now if policies have been added or changed for a hard internal limit of max CL's and rather that would be an internal calculator for each person's account portfolio or....

I have seen over $65k with no issues

Much topic has been in past about max amount of cards too... I have seen 3 revolving Personal, 1 charge Personal, 2 Business Revolving and 1 Business Charge.

I have seen an internal limit on charge based off current revolving balances = max charge card charging limit set.

I have seen Charge Card internal limit based off last 3 months "Average of charge card charging.


It has depended on who knows how many variables at the time... maybe Amex, economy, person, history with amex, credit....

they change and evolve all the time, I don't know you would ever get a "Set" in stone thing... even the CLI of 3x MAX and not over $25k.... not much but some have reported getting CLI online up to $30k or $35k.

Similar to that Amex RARELY seems to do auto CLI, usually requested only.


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