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Merging Cards or Cancelling?

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My mother has a credit card with 3K lCL on which I am an AU. I also have ny card from the same bank with $1500 CL. Here is the situation: My mother passed away and I will be contacting the bank after the funeral on Thursday to tell them what happened. The card has a $324 balance and mine has a $0 balance.
My mother's has insurance protection on hers.
Could I expect the back to agree to a merger between the two cards giving me full control of both and continue paying on it? Or will the bank just close my mother's.
We both have been paying the bills in full every month for over 3 years.
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Re: Merging Cards or Cancelling?

Sorry about your loss.  I think you or doing the right thing in contacting the bank. 
IMHO they would not merege the accounts and they would close your mom's account.  With FICO08 waiting in the wings, I feel it is better to take the score hit now then at at time when your are in the middle of trying to  buy a home or a car loan.
I would also let them know that you would pay the account off.  Perhaps that would do a CLI on your account.
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Re: Merging Cards or Cancelling?

Some banks will allow an AU to assume ownership of an account after the actual owner passes away. We have had several members post about this --one "inherited" her grandmother's Discover card, and another did the same with her late husband's American Express card. I don't know how common this is, though.

As marty said, I'm sorry for your loss.
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Re: Merging Cards or Cancelling?

First off, I'm sorry for your loss.
When you say insurance, does that include life insurance?
I would hate to see you pay hundreds of dollars just essentially for a CLI.

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Re: Merging Cards or Cancelling?

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When I said she had insurance on the card I meant she had protection for this sort of event that upon death the card will be paid in full. Right now the UTL is 5% and I want to see If I can keep it and take over the responsibily for it.
I thank all of you for your help and good wished.
I'll let you know what happens after I contact the bank later this week

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