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Mini CLI fest

So last Thursday was my 61st day with my Amex Surpass, but they've been softing me on the 28th. So I waited until today, hoping to get the most up to date soft pull. Was a little worried because an installment loan that I've paid more than half of the balance on hasn't reported a new balance in months. I know Amex likes to see regular, greater than minimal payments, but what can you do.


So: Original limit 1k, asked for 3k, instant approval. I've put a little over 4k through the card, mostly to get the 3k spend in 3 months for 20k bonus points. I am really excited about this limit increase, since most of my upcoming hotel stays are between 1 and 2k. Now I can use this card and get the double dip and 9 pts/dollar. Now, to bide my time for 6 months and ask for the 9k.


My USAA World MC is already my highest limit at 7k, but with a baby on the way, I'm hoping to have a bigger "emergency" pool to draw from. I'd also like to use it for larger purchases where Amex isn't accepted. I knew this was a hard pull, but thought it was worth the cost. Applied over the phone. They didn't ask me for an amount, just said it would be an inquiry and an instant decision. Got increase from 7k to 13k. I must be hanging out here too often, because I was a bit disappointed. Was hoping for a really big limit to help convince other creditors, but should probably be happy. After all, a year ago my highest limit was 1k on a secured card. 


I did ask about interest rate reductions and was told they review cards once a year, but that reductions are rare. He said I would most likely need to apply for another card to see a lower rate. Oh well. 


Was on a roll, so thought about calling the Capital One executive number, but I can't think of what they could say that would make me keep this card beyond November. Even if they substantially raised my limit and waived the AF, I just don't use this card. So I'll leave that number for people more frustrated than me.


So current lineup is: USAA WMC 0/13000, Amex Surpass 0/3000, Amex zync (15k purchase has gone through), Discover more (800/3000), Chase SW RR (0/5000) and Cap 1 no hassle rewards (0/1250). I'm an AU on my wife's WF card (0/16,600). 


I will close the Cap 1 in November and in December will try to convince Chase to convert my SW card to a CSP. I have no plans to add any cards, just focused on growing limits, getting rewards and waiting for the last of 2006 badness to fade.


Thanks to this forum for all the info. Never would have gotten here without all the advice. Best of luck to all applying...

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Re: Mini CLI fest

That's fantastic, wtg!

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Re: Mini CLI fest

Great success story


Also congrats on your upcoming baby :smileyhappy:

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Re: Mini CLI fest

awesome CLI's 



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Re: Mini CLI fest

Congrats! Great success story.

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Re: Mini CLI fest

WTG!!! Awesome CLI success!!!

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Re: Mini CLI fest

Nicely Done!!1 :smileyhappy:
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Re: Mini CLI fest


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Re: Mini CLI fest

CS800 wrote:

Great success story


Also congrats on your upcoming baby :smileyhappy:

Thanks! I suspect I will be too busy with him to be tempted to app for anything for a while.

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