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Much to my surprise---Walmart CL Increase!!!!

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Re: Much to my surprise---Walmart CL Increase!!!!

gbishere wrote:

Same for my girlfriends discover walmart. I am really irritaed about the whole thing. She has been denied twice now for a CLI and now is going into her 7th month having the card. She has used the card every month. She better get a CLI soon... only reason we got her the card was because GEMB is supposed to grow. My paypal card has grown for me and she has always had a little better score than me.

MyCreditStinks wrote:

I got mine around August or Sept 2010. Have not yet received a CLI on it yet. I waited for the 4th statement to cut on it and made sure my balance was low before I requested a CLI online. No dice. Even waited for the 5th statement and still nothing. I stopped requesting for CLI's on it and just waiting for one now.

EDIT her statement just hit today- I told her to request another increase. Her third try. and BOOM. 3000 increase! Her credit line is now 3950!!!

Wow, that is a very nice increase! Congrats to your GF. I went ahead and requested a CLI and just got one now. I think my balance was a bit too high on it so I only got a small $200 increase. Ah well, I'll wait for another 4 months and hit the luv button again.

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Re: Much to my surprise---Walmart CL Increase!!!!

Vish1, there's no fee for the cash back option at Walmart.  It is treated as a purchase.  You must make a purchase in order to select the Cash Back option, so I suggest a soda or candy for about $2, then do the advance and quick payback to show usage without carrying a balance.

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