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My Big App Spree - 18 Apps

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Re: My Big App Spree - 18 Apps

"Jaw drops in astonishment" WOW. Talk about apping to the max.
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Re: My Big App Spree - 18 Apps

daybreakgonesXe wrote:

SnackTrader wrote:

I believe this 100%. The results are very realistic, and I congratulate you on your successes. 


The one thing I do wonder about is are you going to be able to spend enough to meet the promotional bonuses without going into debt???

I've often thought of this, myself SnackTrader...many people like to open up accounts all at the same time so that they "age together"...but when you apply for a good number of cards at the same time that require large sums of spend in the 3 month timeframe, and now you have to spend way over $10,000+ in 3 months, you really have to consider if you do actually reasonably spend that $10,000+ in 3 months!


I'm sure many people can do it, especially if they're planning vacations, using the spend on business stuff, etc. but for the average joe, income considered, can they actually pull this off REASONABLY?


If they don't mind interest, or majority of the cards are 0% interest for yada yada months, and know they'll have the cash on hand, then i'm sure it works out just fine Smiley Happy


Other people suggest applying the spending on gifts cards you would use for places you know you will go to, therefore easing the fact that "hey, i may not spend this $10,000+ in 3 months, but i know down the road i will!" and that's great and all, if you have the cash up front to "pre-pay" your typical habits. if you don't, then you'll wind up paying interest in the long run, reducing the net gain of your rewards


and in absolutely no way am i knocking anybody who has done any of the above...i'm sure everyone has managed it well, whether they had a particular way or reason to meet the spending, and how they dealt with it afterward Smiley Happy just my thought process of how it all works out!

I'm planning on meeting the spending requirements with manufactured spend. There's a whole bunch of ways to do this, but it usually involves buying things (like debit cards) that I can deposit back to my checking account. Most the requirements for the cards I got are actually pretty low though, except for the British Airways card.

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