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My Own Credit Freeze

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My Own Credit Freeze

You know what? A year ago this just wouldn't due but today it's looking pretty darned good. I got an $1800 Hooters Card that has no AF and gets CLIs. I got a $2500 Juniper with no AF and has 7.9% APR. The more I think about it, the more this sounds just fine. The more I think about stepping to the left or stepping to the right, the more some senerio pops into my head that says I could be shot. I don't owe anything on these cards. So far they are not threatening me. I don't care what happens to my store cards. I'm sticking until this thing blows over even if it takes years.
1-14-08....... TU=683, EQ=667, EX=666
7-04-08....... TU=688, EQ=678, EX=682.......
.......4 of my 5 cards and a new car later.
2/13/09 and forever EX 693
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Re: My Own Credit Freeze

It's nice you can do that. It's also nice that I can do the same Smiley Wink. I just looked at my account summaries, and my total outstanding balances sum up to $26 or somesuch. It feels good. At the moment, I'm not overly worried about any adverse action. If some ccc wants to play stupid games, it can go ahead. 


I just think of those people who got into dire straits. If you lose your job or run up huge medical bills, I can understand when your credit tanks. This can happen to nearly everyone. I personally just try to avoid the really stupid mistakes in future Smiley Very Happy. That's the least I can do Smiley Wink

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