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My first declined CC application in ~2 years :-)

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Re: My first declined CC application in ~2 years :-)

09Lexie wrote:

Count me in with a Barclays decline. They didn't like that I had too many accounts in which I am not showing usage/pyt history.  Too add insult to injury, today I got the 'NO' letter again -as if the one I received last week wasn't enough.  Smiley Frustrated



To which you promptly shredded or used it as a doggie scooper...LOL!    Now I have 2 options to consider considering their whole new accounts premise <12 months when it comes time for Sallie Mae or Hawaiian ...I bet I'd be in the same boat as you Lexie.  Now, I'd be fair game to them since I shed 2 of their CCs...

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Re: My first declined CC application in ~2 years :-)

scenery_guy wrote:

I too was recently declined for a Barclays card. I have the personal US Air card and applied for the business version (legit business with history) and was outright declined with reasons similar to yours. I was considering trying to find time during business hours to make the recon call but based on your outcome I think I am going to walk away. The small bonus is not worth the effort at this point. They lose out in swipe fees on my business spending but AMEX and Chase get to keep my business spend. So much for topping off my US Air miles before the merger. 

Barclays seems like a fickle card issuing bank that doesn't quite get how aggressive the card market can be in the US. Those of us with great credit scores, long and clean history, and carry a zero balance on all our cards should be the perfect customer to any bank. Instead they treat us like the plague at times. I feel I am being a good consumer shopping offers from all banks. 


Barclays might just be bitter they are losing a co branded card and are forced with converting US Air customers to the Arrival. Reality is they are just losing customers in the long run. 

Hey scenery_guy!

Barclays (and to some degree Citi) has a very different business model Compared to say Amex and Chase.  When speaking with an analyst at Barclays, I was told that their best customers are the ones that carry a large balance and revolve it as opposed to high spend - PIF.  Not that those customers are frowned upon, but they just prefer the revolvers.  So when I let a balance report, I let it report on a Barclays to make them happy and always PIF my Amex and Chase acts.  I also throw a bone at Citi too.  They seem to prefer the balance carriers also. 


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