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My journey.. so far!

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Hey everyone. Long time lurker and first time poster here. Thought it was finally time to come out and join the ranks :smileytongue:



- Started applying to credit cards about 2.5-3 years ago and wound up with tons of denials and inquiries due to thin file and unknown medical collection

- Paid up medical collection but they did not PFD 

- Continued applying for credit cards to no avail. No credit union or even secured cards (what?)

- Gave up applying and stuck with debit cards for awhile

- Score was in the high 500s -low 600s due to collection and 10+ inquiries


Near present (3 months ago)

- Received many, many, many, many Discover IT letters in mail and bit the bullet and app'd for the student version. Got the 7-10 dreaded message and called in. Asked to send in verification of being a student... 30 minutues later.. APPROVED! :smileyvery-happy: for $500 but was very excited to finally get approved for a decent unsecured card at that.

- Decided to do a mini app spree and see if any other fish bit back.

- Denied for Cap1, Citi Forward, local bank, Chase Freedom, Barclay's.

- CK FAKO score at the time was around 610



- Been using Discover IT heavily considering low limit and paying multiple times a month. 3rd statement almost hitting and considering asking for CLI.

- Added onto mom's credit cards as AU. Chase Freedom - $11,000, AMEX BCP $10,000 and Macy's AMEX $15,000

- CK FAKO score up at 673

- Got the itch and app'd for three cards I thought were reasonable:


Walmart --> Instant approval $700; Called to recon and bumped to $1200; Excited for TU monthly score

Barclay's Reward MC --> Instant Approval $1200; Called twice and bumped to $2500 (WHAT?!)

Citi Forward Student --> 7-10 message; Called twiceand told denied due to credit history, collection and low revolving credit use; Decided to take it up with the EO. Nice lady said she would look at my file and forward it over to a credit analyst; Next day, called and asked to submit student ID pic; Next day, called and APPROVED for $500. Low limit, but glad to have my foot in the door!


So glad those 3 inquiries were not in vain! 


Stats now:

CK FAKO: 643 due to inquiries and new accounts and low AAoA (2 years)

Oldest account is student loan accounts 7+ years

Inquiries still stand at 12 inquiries. Most falling off within 6-12 months.

TU Score (according to Barclay letter): 689 - but this was before Citi app


Any suggestions on things I should do next? My only plan of attack is to not attack and garden away. And currently working on having collection removed with OC.


(Sorry for the LONG post..!)

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Re: My journey.. so far!

Welcome to the forum

You're off to a good start and now that you have some good TL's I reccomend you head for the garden for 9-12 months and age cards,INQ's,AAoA

Show good payments using all cards for the next nine months 

If you plan on adding cards after that time don't go overboard (1-2)


Remember the golden rule...Pay all cards off $0 except one and let that one report a balance between 1-9% 

If you have to make multiple payments monthly that's ok

You have a very thin file so you want to build scores right now along with AAoA


Glad to have you come in from lurking and become part of the MyFico family :smileyhappy:

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Re: My journey.. so far!


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Re: My journey.. so far!



I think the only thing I might come out of the garden for is if I am eligible for a Discover CLI. I've been using it so much and would love to have more freedome on it.

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Re: My journey.. so far!

Anyone think I should apply for anything else at this time to age with the others? Trying to group the inquiries altogether 

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Re: My journey.. so far!

Welcome to the forum. You have several new accts and inq's to age off on an extremely thin file. The recons and low limits are a sign it is time to let your new accts season before apping.

Give it 9mos to 1 yr and you will see a noticeable difference.
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Re: My journey.. so far!

I want that darn Discover IT soooo bad!

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Re: My journey.. so far!

JamesKnox wrote:

I want that darn Discover IT soooo bad!

Don't worry, you'll get there one day! Perseverance and patience! 

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