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NASA FCU vs. Alliant CU

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NASA FCU vs. Alliant CU

Hey all, there's PLENTY of info out there regarding Alliant, but not much new info (late 07/early 08) on NasaFCU.  Does anyone have any recent experiences with NASA?  I notice that Alliant is offering about 1.5% more APY on their checking and savings accounts, but that NASA CS is probably superior.



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Re: NASA FCU vs. Alliant CU

from the little i've seen about them recently, they're called the cap1 of cu by some- triple pulls, relatively low cl.  somewhat burdensome application process.  still see nasa luv posts ocassionally from satisfied members who praise yearly soft cli, etc. not really sure what's up at nasa these days. 


when i apped they wanted me to unfreeze EX so i skipped over them and went with Alliant and others.

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Re: NASA FCU vs. Alliant CU

Been denied three times in last year and a half with Fico's in 700's or vey high 600's.


Last two times they only pulled EQ and EX.


Too much available credit even with low util.


Was pre-approved once but they turned down on manual.


Loan officer said to reduce number of tradelines, don't apply for anything for 6 months and re-app then. Was closing lines anyway and Chase closed 3 CC's involuntarily  for a total of 7 closed. I didn't app for anything and then re-app'ed on suggested date.


Denied by same loan officer, she denied making statement for rules I followed, but very pleasantly.


Keep $ in both checking and savings


Had personal loan w/ them that I paid off early too.


Tough nut to crack for me at least

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