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NFCU CLI request 3-5 day message!

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Re: NFCU CLI request 3-5 day message!

you are and that's why we all have bigger cl's!

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Re: NFCU CLI request 3-5 day message!

It's been 3 days and haven't seen the increase on my account online or denied letter in the mail. Does this mean I am DENIED?!?!
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Re: NFCU CLI request 3-5 day message!

I waited two days after getting the 3-5 day msg and called. Denied :-/
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Re: NFCU CLI request 3-5 day message!

shols44 wrote:

But wait it was mad yesterday. How could I have listened? Someone hit the LUV button three times in a row...went from 3K to over 15k. There were a few others like that. Next thing I know I had I was clicking away. I mean....I wanted some of the action Y'll. 

Gulty here too!  I officially joined the garden yesterday; however, I thought I might as well take the hit now to see if NFCU would refinance the car... and delay the garden by one day.  So, today's the official joining. Smiley Sad  Sigh... I, however, have the issue of seeing successes and saying, "Oh... I need to try..."  But alas, I have enough credit at hte moment and I need to be happy with what I got versus wanting what others have (<--- will struggle with that for the next few months).

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Re: NFCU CLI request 3-5 day message!

All of these denials are starting to depress me.Smiley Sad

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Re: NFCU CLI request 3-5 day message!

@starry1..hang in there!  A little patience and it will come.

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