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NFCU Cashrewards Visa Signature

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Re: NFCU Cashrewards Visa Signature

RemyWinchester wrote:

Jdrillo - 


If you have $4000 (or anything up to that) sitting in a savings account earning no interest, you can "park" it into a certificate of deposit at Navy Fed for 1 year. 


You can't take money out of it for the year - but at the end of a year you will have earned $160 in interest for leaving $4K in there.   You will not find any better deal than that. 



FANTASTIC!!! Thank You - Printing to give my partner now!


*** Let me add though it looks like you have to have at least $300 Direct Deposit from work within 90 days of opening certificate and keep it going for the year of the certificate I think if reading correct to get the 4%.


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