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NFCU credit card holders.. advice needed

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NFCU credit card holders.. advice needed

Hey guys. First off I just wanted to say this board is awesome. I've been doing a lot of reading and have learned so much.


I was just recently approved for the visa nrewards card ( woo hoo!) with a 2k limit. Would it hurt if I called in asking for a CLI? I dont want to look greedy or overstep any boundaries but I would like to see if I can get one.


Also should I apply for the nrewards mastercard as well?  I've read success stories of people being approved for a visa then immediately applying for a mastercard and being approved for that as well.


Thanks for your input.


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Re: NFCU credit card holders.. advice needed



I was approved in 5/2008 for both the Plat MC & nRewards Visa on the same day with $4K each.  Also got the Navcheck LOC for $2500 on the same day.


Good Luck!!

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Re: NFCU credit card holders.. advice needed

personally I would wait a bit, especially if you have some debt already. banks and CUs just seem really conservative with the way the econ's been

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