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NFCU experience ***UPDATED***

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Re: NFCU experience

KoolDev wrote:
Remember, don't use over 500 of that limit unless you pay it off quick. ( To keep utilization down ). Good luck ! I have not looked at mine lately to see if it was 0 percent interest on purchases. Just applied and got it last Tuesday night

This is really only necessary if you're planning on app'ing and need to raise your scores. But if you're not, and you can PIF every month, don't stress about this needlessly.

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Re: NFCU experience

FYI, the apr for NAVChek is not the same for everyone. It is however, usually higher than their other credit products offered. It reports as a revolving line of credit, not a CC, either way it helps with utilization. Also, I wouldn't worry about utilization (especially staying 9% or less) unless you are getting ready to app for something.
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