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NFCU navcheck

I'm at conditionally approved. First they wanted 2 most recent paystubs, now asking for full doc of 2011 or 2012 tax return. Did anyone had to go thru this? I feel like I'm applying for a house. Lol
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Re: NFCU navcheck

never gotten that from them, just pay stubs for my RV loan..... never anything else, did something sound fishy or did you ask for max? whats your profile and or history with NFCU

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Re: NFCU navcheck

I have checking saving and Visa card with them. I'm asking for $10,000. I hope this is it and I will get my final approval. I didn't think this complicated for a navcheck.
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Re: NFCU navcheck

More often than not do they ask for POI with NAVchek. Good luck! 

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Re: NFCU navcheck

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Rein wrote:
I have checking saving and Visa card with them. I'm asking for $10,000. I hope this is it and I will get my final approval. I didn't think this complicated for a navcheck.

It's not uncommon.  The NAVchek is essentially like an unsecured loan, and that is how they treat it.

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Re: NFCU navcheck

How long was it from the time you applied before you were approved?

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Re: NFCU navcheck

I was instantly approved and they didnt ask for paystubs or bank statements
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Re: NFCU navcheck

Mine is in the same status. They requested 2 pay stubs and a bank statement. I sent it to them and it is now having final review. This is for both Navcheck and Auto refinance.


Yesterday they approved me for $18K cash rewards siggy without any docs. I had a pre-approval offer when I logged into the account for the first time.


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Re: NFCU navcheck

instantly approved no documents for me for $15,000 (max online) but then I pushed $15,000 on my credit card recently and paid it off in 3 weeks probably helped.

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Re: NFCU navcheck

Happened to me too

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