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Re: Navyfcu

ihatemyscore wrote:



I got back with Navy back in late Feb, I had a charged off CC from 08 and a overdrafted bank account in the same year. They locked all of my accounts and said we cannot extend you any products sorry. You can have a saving account and thats it. I left 1 cent in the account for the next 5 year. Within in that 5 yrs, I had to file for BK because of multiple lawsuits and medical debt. So I did, Navy recieved the letter and put all my accounts into BK status..


I called and they said, if I pay all my debt back volunteerly they will review my membership to see if I can come back... 

Paid it waited 24 hr and opened a checking account.. immediatley switched my DD over.. and my tax return.. So I had alot of $$ going through in the last couple months..


I opened a secured $500 dollar nRewards, a week later applied and approved for a cashRewards @ 1,000. 3 Weeks later applied for $2000 dollar navChek DENIED due to BK and not enough credit experience with lender.. I called in and recond and approved for $500..


I did this with all a 602 TU score... my scores they pulled matched my FICO 100%,,


I paid all my balanced down I have 1 % reporting.. Apped for a 1000 CLI on cashRewards .. was denied called in and reconed and got $500 dollar increase in exactly one month!!


In total I have the following account:



Roth IRA






WOW im in disbelief.. I am done for two years and time to garden and baby these accounts.. I bet by 2015 all my accounts will have grown and I might be approved for some nicer cards down the line!


THANK YOU NAVY! I have been a member for 8 yrs because of that savings account! Thank LORD!

Congrats on your succession back to good graces !


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