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Need opinions, please help

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Re: Need opinions, please help

astritaho1979 wrote:

jchu2013 wrote:

Been reading this forum for a while now and thanks for all the helpful information.


Im now in the very begining stage to build my credit profile, need some opinion and helps. Below is my current situation :


- Credit Score : NONE Smiley Happy

- BOA secured card approved and on its way, 4000 limit

- US bank secured card approved and on its way - 4000 limit

- 4 Inquiries : Beside the 2 above, one denial from Cap one and one denial from Amazon store credit. All 4 of them are in Dec 2012.

- 0 BAD


My goal is to get a car loan within 6 months AND to get HIGH unsecured credit ASAP.


For the 2 cards, I will PIF and get it graduated. But, while I'm waiting for those to graduate. what are the most efficient steps to take next?








Remember you need a total of 8 trade lines for optimal credit score and always try to keep the revolving accounts at less then 9%
Now is gonna take time before you see any unsecured accounts getting any high limits.You need to wait around 2 years.So just build for now

You don't need 8, just give it some time. Eventually get that cards you want, and only get as many as you are comfortable handling.


Utilization only matters when you are applying for other cards. If you are trying to get your score up for an appliction. Then make sure the balances the month before are between 1-9% utilization. That isn't totally needed though, most banks will be fine with anything under 20%.

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Re: Need opinions, please help

Need several accounts to get an optimal credit score.Dont start with 2 accounts only cause the banks will see you as high risc for the fact that you do not have experience with several accounts.It happen to me all the time

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Re: Need opinions, please help

I started with one account. That is all it takes to establish a credit score. After that you can get more accounts if you wish. Seems to be working okay for me, I am not getting my accounts closed.


The secured accounts you have will be just fine. Do not do anything dumb like sign up for first premier. Just give it time. After awhile you can open up some other accounts if you want.


Astritaho has been opening up so many accounts that lenders are shutting down other accounts in his profile.

Too many INQs & low AAoA so I'm off to tend the Garden.     Age:23    

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Re: Need opinions, please help


Thanks for all the info.


Any others advise on efficient steps to take? Just try to save sometime while waiting for the 2 secured cards to graduate.



My current situation :
Credit Score : NONE.
BOA secured card (4000), US bank secured card (4000)
4 Inquiries in Dec 2012

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