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Need some suggestions (travel card thats Not Amex or Chase branded)

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Hello all,


I PC my citi thank you card to a Citi dividends world elite and was planning on using it as my main card to use in travel purchases due to its travel perks. After finding out from the thread that its perks are rather mediocre (upgrades are rare, lounge access bad, etc), I'm looking for some suggestions on a good travel card.


I currently use my Amex True Earnings for pretty much everything so I ideally want this card to be a visa or mastercard for those times i cant use my amex and use those purchases to build up some point for travel on the side. My only requests are that its not though chase. I know their CSP is a really good travel card but ive had a lot of issues working with Chase and would rather not give them my business any longer. 


I dont have any airline I fly with in particular and im thinking that building up enough points through side purchases will take a while so points that dont expire would be good though im willing to spend on the card to meet sign on bonus points.


Also, Im still in the PC transition phase (45 days) and was told i can still change my mind to something else. I do enjoy working with Citi though. Are any of their travel cards any good?


Any suggestions?

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Re: Need some suggestions (travel card thats Not Amex or Chase branded)

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Re: Need some suggestions (travel card thats Not Amex or Chase branded)

If you have no specific airline you like I would say priceline visa or cap1 venture. 2% straight back on both. Perks though you don't really get unless you get a cobranded card (priority boarding and whatnot)
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Re: Need some suggestions (travel card thats Not Amex or Chase branded)

Citi forward paired with Citi Premier is a great combo, or a US Bank Flexperks card is top notch especially paired with Platinum Checking

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Re: Need some suggestions (travel card thats Not Amex or Chase branded)

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Thank you all for the suggestions. I will definetely check out that priceline card. I am a little leary of capital one cards since a friend of mine had a lot of trouble with them but will also check it out. 



Even though i say i dont fly with any one airline in particular, i am willing to commit to one airline if it means a more enjoyable trip. Ideally this card will be geared more toward international travel to japan and europe so a good international airline card would also work for me. 


What citi premier are you refering to? I am unable to find it on their website. *oh nvm found it haha. 

I did PC from a thank you card, ive used the thank you points for a few gift cards but never for travel. Are their points value to travel competitive with the cards suggested above?


any other suggestions?


Thanks again all

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