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Neiman Marcus .....declined

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Re: Neiman Marcus .....declined

The Neiman Marcus Credit Card started heading to the level of Orchard Bank almost as soon as HSBC took them over... before that was actually when I worked there and you had to have like the most terrible credit ever not to get approved... they would give out a $700 starting CL to about anyone that would apply because they knew if they declined that app at the register that sale was going to go away for ME (sales person) because that person with iffy/bad credit probably only applied after I told him/her I couldn't not take the Visa/MC they were handing me... Happened a lot!!


Other note is Neiman Marcus use to act and report like a charge card... they would usually only tell CL to employee but without authorization you could charge AT LEAST 20% above the internal limit and beyond that I really didn't have any declines... I can really only think of 1...


I wish either they would take it back internal or get a real bank pairing to bring back the Neiman Marcus American Express!!!

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Re: Neiman Marcus .....declined

I work here and I can tell you exactly why u were denied! No, we do not count mortgage or auto inquiries! You had to have at least 3 inquiries in the last 60 days non- mortgage and non-auto to be declined for that reason.. I will suggest you take a look at your credit bureau and then apply again! Matter fact just wait 2 months and apply again and make sure you are not applying for other stuff! Good Luck
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Re: Neiman Marcus .....declined


Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately, the post you responded to was from 2011 and I'm sure the OP has either moved on or apped later.

Thank you for the information regarding Neiman's current policy on inq's - it might prove helpful to those seeking credit now.
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