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New Accts!!

hello all! its been a while..ive been trying to pay off my balances as close to 10 percent as possible..but its soo hard! but the last time i wrote on here i only had a couple cards
2000 bofa maxed at the time
500 cap one.. maxed at the time
1500 crown jewelers...200 dollar balance
its funny because i bought something for about 300 dollars on crown..made the minimum payment..and the next month my credit line increased to 2500.
i then applied and got denied for a citi and got so many crap offers. i took 2..
200 shell
300 finger hut
i stopped apping for stuff since i ALREADY had way too many inqs..i was already in the teens on every cr after the first 3 cards..
i slowly paid my balances off..still not paid off..have about 1k out of the 2k bofa and thats it.
and my credit scores didnt really move after i maxed the bofa out.. theyre almost back in the 600's now..even tho they were all 650+ before i even had the bofa..(i have a car loan too only 1 year old)
tu 639 eq 590 ex 613 are my scores right now
about 2 weeks ago i went on an app spree..even tho the others havent dropped now im 20+ on my inqs on each cr..ehhh..
but i got approved for quite a few credit cards. i was surprised
200 bloomingdales
300 cap one
300 hooters
300 hsbc discover
1400 jared
its weird cuz i called jared today to see what my cl was and she said 1400 credit limit but 1900 total..and i asked her to explain and she said if i go over it will allow me up to 1900. i dont know how that can be good if my cl will show 1400 but if i spend 1800 it will show as largest past balance? cant that hurt the score
anyways yes.i wanted to share this all with you..ive went from 4500 in credit two months ago to 8100 in the last 2 weeks.
went from .22 util to .12 and im getting my tuition reimbursment from my job at the eom so the rest will be paid off!
hopefully my scores will shoot back up abover 650 soon and be close to 680 by the end of the year!
just wanted to share..i appd for what i apped for because of what ive read here so thank you all!
im planning on not apping for anything for as long as i can help it..especially anything new..cli will be okay..but i need to get this 20+ inqs down to as low as possible so i will try!
and im just going to let these credit cards grow for the next couple years till i get as close to 700 as possible! kjdgljfga
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Re: New Accts!!

good job! you should get some chase cards they will give you better CL since you already have a BOA the next time you go on a app spree!!!!
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Re: New Accts!!

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i actually did...i applied for the student chase gave me a 'we will get back to you soon' then i got an email saying my application has been processed and my "approval status" will be known soon..i called 4 days later (today) they said it was still pending.....!!! hopefully thats a good sign!!
or wouldnt i have been denied by now?
i dont know..but thats the only one pending..........
wish me luck on that one with all my inqs lol
i got the email like 3 days after i applied and i called another 4 days

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Re: New Accts!!

Kay does the same thing-
They do this so you have enough "room" for tax and "add-ons"
Sure it would smack your score around - I am not willing to try it to find out.

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