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New Credit Scores are in!

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New Credit Scores are in!

I just bought a scores from Myfico using the coupon email they sent me and my scores have improved nicely!


My TU score is 732 & they say i now have 16 inquires instead of 21


My EQ is now 678 & they say i have 7 inquires


Before my score for TU was like 692 with 21 inquires


Before my score for EQ was 664


I can imagine my EX score improved a little as well.


It feels good to be in the 700 club with at least one credit bureau!


My scores may take a small hit with some holiday shopping and Discover Card needs to report for the first time, but it may also go up at the same time cuz i've recently recieved credit limit increases that need to report also which will help!


I'm so happy that i've done so well in about a years time & I have everyone on this forum to thank! Thank you so much guys!!!!! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: New Credit Scores are in!

A decent one at that. For some reason I always see TU pulled more than any other, but that could just be me. Congrats!

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Current Score: TU: 644 EQ: 648 EX: 6?? 2/2015
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Re: New Credit Scores are in!

Yeah. My TU inq is at 6, but EQ and EX is only at 2-4.

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Re: New Credit Scores are in!

Congrats on your score jumps. Keep up the work. Smiley Happy

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