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New Credit, Which Card?

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New Credit, Which Card?

I really want a Bank of America Card but I see they don't have a pre approval link anymore and I'm not sure which of their cards would actually fit my situation, not a huge fan of wasting an inquirie to find out my credit still is not high enough.


With the information below, does anyone have any advice for a card that would grow with me, more so hoping for a card with a limit $1000 or above as most of mine are $350 - 1000 now.  All input is appreciated Smiley Happy




Okay so quick background:


I'm 24, received 2 credit cards at 18 for $1000 limits each and then a third $2000 limit the next year, had great credit until 2007 where being a college student took me down the bad credit path. The last year and a half I have managed to come up from some terrible scores and this month I decided to go a little more forward and establish some sound credit that I am happy to have. This last week I've applied for and received:


Bestbuy Reward Zone MC

Wal Mart CC

Capital One Cash Rewards 0% APR


I already have:


JC Penney $1000 limit    (2005)

Orchard Bank $350 Limit      (2009)

First Premier (Centennial Bank) $250 limit   (2009)

Ford Credit Auto Loan   $20,000      (2010)

Student Loans Various Banks  $33,000


Unfortunately, I do still have a judgment from 2008 which I am working to have vacated (I work for a prosecutor), 1 collection (paid), and 3 CO's from 2007 paid.


My scores are TU 620  EX 626 EQ 620


Not amazing but like I said, I turned those around in roughly a years time having a lot removed from my reports thanks to this forum.



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Re: New Credit, Which Card?

Hi miguy,


Looks like you've been busy.

First question is where are you pulling your scores from?

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Re: New Credit, Which Card?

TU and EQ are Fico scores


EX is from the service my credit card offers which allows regular pulls so, a FAKO score.

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Re: New Credit, Which Card?

Are you still in school?


I'd recommend finding a credit union to work with.  If they trust you with a decent limit for a while, then a bank may do the same.

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Re: New Credit, Which Card?

Thank you, I was actually considering the credit union where I'm from since they are advertising 7.9% for their card right now.


I graduate next month and then I'll be in law school in the fall, another reason I was looking around was to establish a relationship with a bank or credit union so that I could have financing options for my law school loans.


I was working until the company I was with severenced me out so technically I am in school but I also have a fixed income.

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Re: New Credit, Which Card?

Bank of America has a MyOffers Center.  When I am on my Accounts Overview page, there is a link partway down that says View your Special Offers.  I think the link is also available from the Customer Service Tab.  Whenever I click on it, the offers appear to be very generic even though it claims that the offers are "Just for You."  It tells me to add a credit card to take advantage of Add It Up, but it doesn't look like a preapproved offer.  Until very recently, I was carrying a fairly large balance on a closed card, so I have always assumed I wouldn't have any preapprovals from them anyway.  Perhaps others can speak to whether the Offers Center includes preapprovals.

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