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New Credit


New Credit


I am needing to start establishing some new accounts. I currently have nothing except a au capital one account that shows on my transunion and experian accounts. I am considering Bank of Americas secured account but was wondering if anyone knows who is easy to get credit with and who does a soft pull on credit versus the hard pull. I just had 9 inquiries removed from my credit so don't want to defeat the purpose of all my hard work.

I have been looking into target or macy's? any suggestions. I do not want to open a first premier or orchard. I had bad luck with them before and the fees they are charge are ridiculous. thanks.

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Re: New Credit

I got a Macy's but they do a hard pull.  I have an Orchard and only had to pay $39 up front.  There are no fees associated with the account. 


The only other ones I know of have horrendous fees.

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Re: New Credit

I have a credit one card with small fees. (about 6.50/mo)  It was a hard pull, but worth it.  Started with a $350. limit about 10/05 & now have a $750. limit.  I keep the balance very low...the % rate is 24 Smiley Mad


Great card to establish or slowly fix credit tho & they give you nice steady increases over time, which is good for your util!  I just buy stuff now & then to keep it active & in good standing.

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Re: New Credit

do you happen to know which bureau they pull from? also, do you have any baddies on your report and if so approximately how many. thanks. It will help me to determine if I should go ahead and apply or wait awhile for fico to go up more.
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Re: New Credit

that sound like a decent card, unlike some of the scams out there. I will give them a try. What was your score when you orginally applied and how many negatives did you have on your credit? thanks.


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Re: New Credit

DM, you might want to try BofA's pre-app page on their website - it's a soft pull to see what they offer you, but a hard one if you go ahead and apply; occasionally they pull more than one CR, but they're a prime lender and (IMO) worth the hard inq(s).


Even if they don't pre-approve you for any of their unsecured cards, you may well get the counter-offer of their 99/500 partially secured card, which generally will unsecure in about 9 months.


If you don't get that counter-offer, their secured cards seem to be well thought of on here, and they're a good way to go for building or rebuilding credit.


Good luck!

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Re: New Credit

thanks very much.

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