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New Lowes Card lineup?

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New Lowes Card lineup?

I was loggin on to my lowes account and saw these new cards. A business AMEX? Visa ?


Must be something new.


lowes cards.JPG

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Re: New Lowes Card lineup?

I noticed that as well. Google search warranted no results on the Lowes Visa. I knew the business version was AMEX as its been that way. I would love a lowes visa especially since I already use my lowes card so much a visa version would be lovely. Anyone know what that's about? Will they be offering a visa version or did they in the past and this is for those that still carry the card to login?
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Re: New Lowes Card lineup?

Hey those cards are pretty fancy looking wow!


Too bad I'm a Home Depot fan!

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Re: New Lowes Card lineup?

AMEX version has been available for a while. Visa is a new one, although couple years ago Lowe's did offer Visa card from Capital One.

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Re: New Lowes Card lineup?

I swear I should have a camera on me... I opened this thread and Screamed "WHAT, Lowes has a Visa... WHY don't I have it!"

My partner makes mad fun of me and sometimes irritations with my obsession of being on these boards!


Anyway, of course the website is down right now! Sigh... But Lowes American Express came out about 2.5-3 years ago with both Personal and Business, my friend worked at Lowes and he talked about having a meeting that they were suppose to push the Amex not the store card and I made the comment that it was a weird combo because GE so easy, Amex so hard and they were suppose to push it!

So since I can't get into the site right now, am I correct to assume they just stopped the Personal Amex and is now having GE issue a Visa if qualified instead of store?

Do I need to add this to my list for my store card to get upgraded?

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Re: New Lowes Card lineup?

They had Lowes Visa many years ago and I didn't know they still have it.  It is issued by Cap1 and it was an invitation offers for certain people.




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Re: New Lowes Card lineup?

I would love to get my store card upgraded to a Visa.

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Re: New Lowes Card lineup?

Lowe's AMEX is still a business card, and still offer by AMEX.

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Re: New Lowes Card lineup?

I'm intrigued by the Project card... Each time you run $1000 or more, it opens a new 6-month 0% APR period, and then switches to presumably a lower rate than a normal card... But in five years, you can use it again for $1000 or more and trigger another 6-month 0% window...


My only complaint is it's Lowe's... Kind of tough to swallow, from a consumer stand point (can't shop around, etc.)

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Re: New Lowes Card lineup?

It must be very new, or it is an old screen that appears when you log in because some people still have a Lowes visa. If you go through their menu to apply online there is no option to apply for the Visa, just the regular store card ( with two different designs).

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