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New applied bank partial secured card - Gold card

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New applied bank partial secured card - Gold card

I just logged into the the applied bank site and saw that they brought back the gold card with a twists.


No annual fee. However 180 dollars year maintence fee. ? Same difference? Lol 


So if you deposit 1000, your credit line will be 1300. 600 would be 900.


At first glance reading I was a bit intrigued because my secured card is 750, I thought oh well 1050 would be nice :-) I am currently paying no maintenance fees, no payment fees, and only have a 49 dollar annual fee.   I am going to try and keep it under the radar lol.

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Re: New applied bank partial secured card - Gold card

I wouldn't do that if I were you. $180/year fee with no rewards or anything? Why not take that $180 and add $75 to it and boost your line to $1,000.  I feel it'd be better than shelling out $1,000 on top of the $180. No?



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