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New to Forums and Card Approvals

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New to Forums and Card Approvals

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone. Over the last 6 days I have been reading through these forums furiously. A couple days ago I stopped in at my local Chase branch and was offered a pre-approval on the CSP. I ended up taking it and that started a bunch of research on further credit cards. Yesterday I went back and dropped another 3 apps.


I had always been nervous about using credit cards, thought it was bad to have more then 2-3. After reading here and using CreditKarma I think I have a good understanding and have set myself up to have great scores in 1-2yrs which is my goal for purchasing a house. Now just to move my bills around to the appropriate cards and cash in on the 90,000pts and $200 cash back I will earn.


I did lots of Apping and got everything I wanted, now time to go into this "garden" that I have learned about and let everything mature. 


What I got:

Chase Sapphire Preferred (Will Use as General Travel/Dining Card)

Chase Marriot Rewards Premier Visa Signature (Marriott Card, I stay here once every other month for work)

Chase Freedom (Had to get the trifecta into effect)

American Express Blue Cash Everyday (Gas/Groceries)


Look forward to continuing to learn with you guys and gals over the next couple years, Cheers!

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GOALS: 750 by 01/14
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Re: New to Forums and Card Approvals

Sweet, welcome to the forums and contrast on your approvals those are done good cards! Now see you in the garden Smiley Happy

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Re: New to Forums and Card Approvals

Wow! Congrats! Great approvals! :-D
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