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New user and ready to start! :)

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New user and ready to start! :)

I've been searching and reading a lot for the past 4 days. Very useful forum and great people around here. Now I'm ready to start gardening since I just stopped my first app spree...

I have a short credit history  and AAoA of a year, my history:


- My first credit card was a Capital One with a huge APR almost two years ago, it is the same nowadays but I called one week ago to request an upgrade to the Quicksilver Card and had also a CLI to $1K from $500. 

- About a year ago I got approved for a regular AMEX Gold, then around the same time I got approved for the Apple Barclaycard to buy a Macbook Pro ($2K at that time, now $3.2K auto) and I am ready to pay off the balance ($900) by the end of this month.

- The same week I applied for the Amex card, I received a pre-qualified letter from Discover IT, decided to apply for it got denied. 

- In January of this year, I got approved for a Chase Freedom with a CL of $1K (now auto to $1.2K)

I stopped there.


Now, my credit score went up to 738 (Credit Karma 8/13) and I decided (received a second letter from Discover) to apply for the Discover IT card (second try). I got approved for a CL of $4K!! I will use it to buy a TV with 0% APR (14 months).


I was so happy that decided to go for my first app spree:


- I needed a card for traveling rewards, got approved for the Barclaycard Arrival MasterCard -  CL $3.5K

- I wanted to take advantage of a letter from Citi, got approved for the Diamond Preferred - CL $3K

- I wanted to take advantage of the Amazon financing, and got approved for the Amazon Store Card. I had to call GE since they needed to verify some info, they approved me and I heard for $4K... actually it was for $400 Smiley Sad

- I needed a card for daily purchases and supermarkets, so I got approved for the AMEX Blue Cash Preferred (still waiting for the card to arrive to discover the CL, any guess?)


I thought that was enough, too many inquires (except Amex) for just one week Smiley Frustrated. Then I thought I could give it a try for the Amazon Chase Rewards card (yes, I use Amazon for almost everything), since I've been a Chase customer not only with the Freedom but also with banking. I had to call and got approved for $2K (more than my current Freedom CL).

Now before finally ending this app spree. I try my really last app with Best Buy Credit Card to take advantage of the 18 month financing, it went terribly wrong. My app was "declined" not denied (or it is the same?). I have spoken with two CSRs, they advise me to wait for the letter to arrive and then to call that number on the letter.

I don't know if the denial was because I just opened an account with Citi just two days ago and NOW they are managing apps for Best Buy?? Has anybody tried to recon with Citi?

My current FICO score is 701, of course it will go down a bit due to this HP in so little time.


Any advice for gardening? Advice with my last app?


Thank you!

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Re: New user and ready to start! :)

Very nice spree, congratulations!


My 2 cents: No last app, go to the garden. Smiley Happy


Congrats again!!

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Re: New user and ready to start! :)

Welcome to the forum! Congratulations on your recent spree. Citi does have a multiple app policy. You might want to call the backdoor number
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Re: New user and ready to start! :)

Where did you app for the bb cc? And when? Hoped you dis it through the citi application
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Re: New user and ready to start! :)

I did the app thru BB website, it is know managed by Citi. I will try to recon since I think it was a HP. I got approved for the Citi Diamond Preferred on 9/10, my BB app was yesterday afternoon. 


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Re: New user and ready to start! :)

Congrats on a nice set of approvals!


I got approved for a Citi Diamond Preferred last year and was able to take advantage of the 18 months 0% APR intro rate. It's worked out very well for me. Did you get the same or similar offer? Enjoy your new card!

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Re: New user and ready to start! :)

@atarvuzdar thanks! 


@09Lexie I called the backdoor numbers, they are just telling to wait for the letter to arrive and call the number there. 

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Re: New user and ready to start! :)

Yes! I got the same offer, 0% APR for 18 months! 

Now, since I want to start gardening, I don't know if will be ok to put balances on those cards Smiley Sad

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Re: New user and ready to start! :)

You can search for the automated amex app line to get your limit!

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Re: New user and ready to start! :)

Congrats, OP, on the app spree!  Now run to the Garden!  Hehehe

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