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No Credit History

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Re: No Credit History

Just let me explain authorized user a little better.


An authorized user simply means that a parent has given you permission to use THEIR credit card. In order to become an authorized user, the card holder (ex. parent), has to call the credit card company, and tell them that they want to add you as an authorized user. The bank will then send out a card with your name on it. Most banks will report the history of an AU on your own credit report, thus generating history.


Some parents do this just for the purpose of generating a history for their kids. Often, they do not let them actually use the card. They hide it away, and then cancel AU status once they are able to get his/her own card. Some parents will allow use of the card for small purchases, etc.


I hope this makes sense.


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Re: No Credit History

It makes perfect sense LOL now I laugh at all the kids used to be in my high school who said that they supposedly had they own credit card ... But since my parents don't got a credit card ill just have to go get a job and do it on my own

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Re: No Credit History

Yes sounds like a good plan. And I must commend you for your interest and concerns about credit. 

My daughter is 19, and she started with the Journey also. It paved the way for even better cards.



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Re: No Credit History

Thank you very much 

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