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No More Fee for Amex BCP

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I just received a credit for my $75 membership fee on my Amex BCP, so I decided to check the terms of the card for new cardholders. Looks like they are getting rid of the AF! I wonder why? There seems to be no reason to not get the BCP now...

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Re: No More Fee for Amex BCP

The terms and conditions still say 75 dollar annual fee....

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Re: No More Fee for Amex BCP

It still shows as $75 for me. That would be awesome though since I'm applying in January.

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Re: No More Fee for Amex BCP

Interesting...what Terms and Conditions are you looking at? When I click the ones at the bottom of the page, it doesn't say anything about an AF. The reason I think this might be changing is because a lot of us have seen a $75 credit for "annual fee adjustment" to our accounts.

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Re: No More Fee for Amex BCP

It says no Annual fee for "additional cardmembers".

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