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Nordstrom are nuts!!!

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Re: Nordstrom are nuts!!!

I know and I would keep the account if they left it 7.5k. But they lowered it to 1k
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Re: Nordstrom are nuts!!!

I would have been grateful for that initial credit limit and not have been too greedy considering this financial climate. I have been with them since 1987. They are a good bank and great card to have that would have grown with you. I think you pushed too hard...
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Re: Nordstrom are nuts!!!

This is what happens when you push too hard for too much too fast. With just a modicum of patience you could have had a great account.
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Re: Nordstrom are nuts!!!

Greedy got the best of you. Should've been content with what you had.
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Re: Nordstrom are nuts!!!

Just an update: My friend applied for Nordstrom CC togethr with me and got 5k Store card... Guess what, yesterday (1 week after he got approved) They pulled hard all 3 bureaus again!!! And then closed the account... He asked what motivated them to do the adverse action and pull all 3 bureaus again and they said his account RANDOMLY got reviewed and they closed the account due to too many inq. EX 7, EQ 7, TU 3. They ARE crazy
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Re: Nordstrom are nuts!!!

Three hards? Smiley Surprised

I hope he gets himself into his most polite mode and calls up to request that they recode them as softs. Yes, I suppose they had the right to do so, but that seems like a pretty brutal move on someone who had already been approved.

All my CC's monitor my reports, looking for trouble no doubt, but they do so via softs. The first time one pulls a hard for no reason, they'll be kicked to the curb. Not relevant in your friend's situation, I realize. Smiley Sad
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Re: Nordstrom are nuts!!!

Technically a CLI request is a request for new credit.  Many CCC's will pull hard for CLI if the request is for more than the "system" provides by internal review or soft (indicating that possibly a soft doesn't give a total CR picture?) or when the CLI is customer initiated, prior to the normal review cycle time (immediatly upon app is one such time) or sometimes a CCC will hard upon any request.


I don't have Nordstrom experience...but IME a hard inq is not completely uncommon.  And CapOne pulls all three as well.


I had a recent experience where I asked for CLI from CareCredit (GEMB) and they offered $1k with no pull or soft.  I persisted for more, spoke to an analyst who pulled hard and then only offered me $800 (so I lost $200 in CLI).  While my experience is not the same and I didn't get a CLD on total CL, it does indicate that it may be best policy to accept what is offered, then establish some history with them before asking for more...otherwise you may not like the actual results.


Sorry to hear about the OP experience though...


IMO $0.02  Smiley Happy



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Re: Nordstrom are nuts!!!

Something doesn't seem right with this, why would you now co-apply for the Nordstrom card with a friend and just a week earlier applied and were greedy with the initial CL they offered which was below what you thought you deserved. Nordies have been great to me with increses in CL and even survived my Bk, of course it is paid off!

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Re: Nordstrom are nuts!!!

I did not co-apply, please read before replying. It was not the greed, I wanted to get a higher CL like most people would, did not think it would heart to try. I already got my EX and TU inq removed. And I also asked them to remove the account so I do not have a new closed account on the report. They have removed it from EX so far

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Re: Nordstrom are nuts!!!

Lexa wrote:
So, I applied for their Visa Platinum and got approved for 7.5k(EQ pull). Then I asked them to increase the limit since it was too small and asked if they will pull my credit again. The rep told me "no, we have your report right here". Then he refused to increase the limit. When I came back home i looked at my report and saw that Nordstrom pulled all 3! In a week I got the letter My CL was lowered to 1k. I called to ask what was going on and they told me it was due to my EX inquiries (I had 5). WTF I asked them not to pull my credit again! So I talked to a couple of managers and finally President of the bank and the agreed to close the account and remove it like it never existed and also delete the inquiries, but they would not give me the line back. Such a shame, they used to be a good bank

HUH, they still a great bank. I've had my cc with them since 2001. Started with 1k store card. Got lots of cli's.. Now currently SIG Visa... CL 18,500. At no time have I ever had to provide additional documents like it's has been discussed in the forum.

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