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Nordstrom are nuts!!!

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Re: Nordstrom are nuts!!!

Lexa wrote:

I did not co-apply, please read before replying. It was not the greed, I wanted to get a higher CL like most people would, did not think it would heart to try. I already got my EX and TU inq removed. And I also asked them to remove the account so I do not have a new closed account on the report. They have removed it from EX so far


Lexa, while your frustration is palpable, please try to understand that you're reporting an extraordinary situation, and that other members are trying to understand based upon the information that you're providing. I'm fairly certain that GWilliam got the idea that you co-applied for another card from this, well after your original post on the subject:

Lexa wrote:
Just an update: My friend applied for Nordstrom CC togethr with me and got 5k Store card... Guess what, yesterday (1 week after he got approved) They pulled hard all 3 bureaus again!!! And then closed the account... He asked what motivated them to do the adverse action and pull all 3 bureaus again and they said his account RANDOMLY got reviewed and they closed the account due to too many inq. EX 7, EQ 7, TU 3. They ARE crazy
I got the very same impression (perhaps mistaken) that you applied again (vs. having applied at the same time & place that friend did). So, please be a little gentler & kinder when offering clarification. The written word is very easily misconstrued. Smiley Happy


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Re: Nordstrom are nuts!!!

Sorry, probably the fact that English is not my mother tongue comes into play)
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Re: Nordstrom are nuts!!!

I do not think you did anything wrong.  I was kind of suprised when everyone kept calling you greedy for asking for a CLI.

That seems to be a fairly common response on this board.  I cannot tell you how many times I have

read someone saying they would ask for a CLI when they got approved for a card.  This is the first time I have seen someone get

berated for being "greedy" for it.

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Re: Nordstrom are nuts!!!

sometimes there's a fine line between exploring possibilities/ making a viable inquiry and pushing too hard in a harsh climate as a new customer.
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Re: Nordstrom are nuts!!!

Thank you. I always do that, when I get approved and the line is less than 10k I ask for a CLI (if it is a soft pull) at activation. It has never hurt me b4 and I do not think it is pushing too hard asking nicely if they could give me more than the automatic system approved me for. I got approved for Macy's 1.2k, called and got 16k at activation (6k visa nad 10k store card). I wonder how long would it take me to get that if i did not ask at activation
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