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Nordstrom, how I love thee

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Nordstrom, how I love thee

I was in Nordies doing a bit of shopping and decided to stop in and see if I can get a CLI. I told the CSA I did not want or need it if it required a HP, but she was not sure of how it was done. She was sure it was not a HP.

She put me on the phone with corporate (they have their own bank.) I had asked for a 3K increase. They asked for my salary and informed me that most of the time they do no pull whatsoever. If it is a larger amount they will. They also said they can do them in six month increments, so if it is shorter than 6 they won't. For me it was 2 years.


She put me on hold and came back, granting me 1500 instantly and said that I can do it again in six months. This is with no pulls at all.

This is the store card; not sure if it applies to the Visa.


And I did not even have to step out of the garden. I love Nordstrom.

Starting FICO, June 2010: EX-581, EQ-581, TU-581
Now: EX-742 EQ-710 TU-709

Currently: NFCU Platinum Visa 18K, BECU Visa 15K, Navchek 15K, Vystar+ CU Platinum Visa 10000, AMEX Delta SkyMiles 9K, Military Star 8200, Nordstrom VS 7800, Macys 7600, Lowes 6K, Pier 1 6K, Mohawk Floor 4500, TJX Mastercard 4K, Pottery Barn 4K, Amazon 3600, Talbots 3000, Barclaycard 2400, Ann Taylor 2280, Ballard Design, 1500, Victorias Secret 750, NY&CO 500, J.Crew 300

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Re: Nordstrom, how I love thee

Congrats! That's the same information I was told when I got my increase last month. I noticed they had been SP'ing me for the past 3 months. Next time, also ask for an APR reduction. Smiley Wink
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Re: Nordstrom, how I love thee

I should try a CLI. I have the store card with a $1K CL. I have had this card for close to 15 months now

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Re: Nordstrom, how I love thee


Definitely! I followed the advice from here and waited after my 6 statement. I went in, they called Corporate and my limit went from $1000-$3500 no HP. I asked about the upgrade and they told me to ask in November. It was a no go on the APR reduction, I'm currently at 18.99 Smiley Sad
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