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Not able to pay AMEX

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Re: Not able to pay AMEX

Odiseous wrote:

Balbanes wrote:

tengtengvn wrote:

Balbanes wrote:

People seem to get a little paranoid with AMEX.

You'd not say that after you go through AMEX financial review.

Totally not worried about an AMEX fr. I've been through the homebuying process. I've financed a car with subprime credit. Let them do their worst.


OP resolved the issue with AMEX satisfactorily for both parties. He could have been FR or softpulled or what have you if he balance transferred. As I understand it you could get FR from buying a pack of gum. It's all speculation.

Was said pack of gum purchased at a "discount" store, in Vegas, at 3:57AM, on a Tuesday; after showing your card to a BlackJack dealer at a casino, after you updated your social networking site info to say you were suddenly unemployed? 

It was the las vegas ninja clan following the said buyer of gum that reported all the happenings to AMEX. Smiley Happy Paranoia will destroy ya. lol


Ex: 657 (fico lender pull)
Tu: 666 fico
Eq: 641 fico
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