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Not report to all 3. (Pic Inside)

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Re: Not report to all 3. (Pic Inside)

Don't worry about it. My equifax has been like that on True Credit for as long as I can remember. This is what mine looks like.
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Re: Not report to all 3. (Pic Inside)

fused wrote:

...I'm one these people too. I also have the same problem with CreditSecure and Chase ID Protection.

I know True Credit's data is resold to a bunch of similar services. Perhaps that explains your problem.

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Re: Not report to all 3. (Pic Inside)

Equifax does not display the green boxes on TrueCredit. It's the way they map the data. But all your history is there.

The way to see what's what is to click the printable report option at the top right. This expands all the accounts. You'll lose the pretty green boxes, but you'll gain all the important info, such as credit limits, dates opened, highest balance, and all that good stuff.

When I pull my TC's, I admire the (mostly) green boxes for a few minutes, and then I click the printable report button to see what's what.

BTW, the printable report version is just what you would see when you click "more about this account", but it displays the info for each account all in one place, and it does so for all the accounts at once.

Any secondary report, like TrueCredit, myFICO, Credit Secure, you name it, is going to have some funky display quirks. It doesn't necessarily mean that the info isn't there, it just means that it might not look quite right. Again, this is a result of the way that the data maps from the original reports to the secondary reports.
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