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 Smiley Surprised   Wow. That is SO exciting. lol.  I just spoke to a rep to see if I'm eligible to join and YES I am!! woohoooooo.  So, I'm going to pay off my 2 CC's and get my UTL down so that I will hopefully have a jump in my score.  I'm only going to open a Savings account as of now but will app for the cash rewards card the same day. Is that a good idea? Or should I wait like a week and then apply?


If you don't mind me asking, when you applied for the card, did they make you submit income verification like pay stubs?  I do alot of work from home stuff, so I don't have actual pay stubs. I heard some people needed to submit them and some did not. I wonder if that is only for CLI purposes, or if it is for first time application as well.


I'm assuming people's income must have to be really high in order to get a 25k limit?  I think I would pass out if I got that. haha.


Regarding my score's, do you think I have a good chance of being approved on a CC? And if so, what do you think my CL would be? 

Right now I have a 693 EQ, and 677 TU but I am paying off my last 2 cards which will hopefully bring it up. I'm at a 19% UTL right now.  I also have no baddies, perfect payment history, but I only have a 1 year AAoA with 31/2 years total history.  What do you think???

EQ 701, TU 685, EX ?
Amazon store $2500(10/12), Cap1 $1500 (10/12), Discover $1700 (11/1/12).
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I've read stories on here of people opening accounts & apping for credit cards the same day with approvals. I was approved with an EQ 607 for cashRewards with a 5K limit. I've never had to submit income verification but I have direct deposit with them so that may be a factor.

EQ: 780
EX: 767
TU: 779
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