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October 6 - Discover 2% Cash back for the day with sign up....

Epic Contributor

October 6 - Discover 2% Cash back for the day with sign up....

Missing a Cash back moment like this hurts my head and makes me sad!

Family member is replacing a bike as part of insurance payment and it's $4500 (He was going to use Cash)

Partner would get 1%, he doesn't want to mess iwth it for $45.

Then I was looking at my friends Discover but limit is only $3k and not sure they take Discover but I hadn't even realized the other day that he was registered for this special Oct. 6 promotion... Now $90 seems VERY WORTH IT!!!


Times like these make me angry with some of my credit choices over the many years since my first card at 16 throught parents and then my own in a very fast and furious sort of way at 18!


Others rebuilding, Do you ever find that you really need more spending power? and if so is it because you use to have it and you wish it was still that way, even though maybe that is the reason you are now rebuilding or is it a safety thing because I don't kow you travel a lot or... or finally because now you make good money, and your financial life has turned around and you want the cash back and upgrades that come with spending more with certain cards and your budget requires a higher limit to work...


I feel like I justify why I would put something on a card sometimes and then other times it just seems so night and day why I wouldn't, but at same time I have to step back and survey how that is working for me! lol

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