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Oh Me Oh My. BoA AA

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Re: Oh Me Oh My. BoA AA

I am so sorry this happened to you.  The same thing happened to me earlier this year after I opened several accounts in Feb/Mar. Shortly after I received the dreaded letter from BOA. Lost a $5.9k CC.  Sucks but I despise BOA anyway.  Once our mortgage is paid off it'll be good riddance! 

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Re: Oh Me Oh My. BoA AA
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Re: Oh Me Oh My. BoA AA

ABCD2199 wrote:

Nothing new, BoA is a jealous girlfriend.


Excessive credit seeking is enough for them to break up with a person.  


I say good riddance to them.

And it's not like they even offer credit cards that are that good to begin with unless you have $50,000 or more with them. 

I'd argue their checking accounts are a better product. 

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