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One more AMEX Zync Success Story

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One more AMEX Zync Success Story

Back in 1995 I was an AU on my parents Amex card.  That card was closed to inactivty in 2008.

In 1998 I had applied for my own amex card, got  it, and it too was closed for lack of actitivy in 2003.


After reading everything here, and calling amex, they confirmed they do indeed back date cards.

While I don't know my Experian score, I know it can't be in the 700's because it's showing 3 bad accounts. One 120 days late, and 2 others that were paid but have a charge off. Oldest baddie is now 4 years 7 months.I also have one inquiry on EX going back to March of this year.


I called AMEX, told them the situation and was told that while they can't guarantee I'll be approved, I have a good chance regardless of the report because I have a history with them. So I apped online and was approved right away!!


Just goes to show, that a good history with AMEX, can supercede your score. 


Moral of my story, i'm glad I was good to my AMEX card as I needed them again for my history.




Starting Score: 600s
Current Score: EQ 08 798 on 5/28/14, TU 792 on 5/27/4 via Barclay, EX 798 on 5/28/14
Goal Score: 760

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