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Oops - just applied for AmEx Blue...

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Re: Oops - just applied for AmEx Blue...

Current month and MEMBER YEAR-
I bet the OP get's approved-
Link to check the status- might be 224 hours before they approve.

haulingthescoreup wrote:

Timothy wrote:

fevmlo wrote:
Thank you (both) for the congrats! I'm absurdly pleased with the approval for the card I had no idea I was going to apply for 30 minutes ago!

I got the Delta card at the beginning of November ('07) - I was absolutely ECSTATIC to be approved for that one, given that the existing contents of my wallet were a low-limit Capital One Platinum Visa, a US Bank secured Visa (which will be reaching its one-year anniversary any day now - time to 'convert' to an unsecured one!) and a Macy's store card!

Mmmm, I LIKE AmEx! Smiley Happy
The new card will report an open date of May 2007 then !!!!!!!!!!

The blue only has membership rewards express-
I would HIGHLY consider getting a Green-

It has a $95 AF but-
It upgrades you blue to regular Membership rewards-
Reduces your AF on Delta to $35- so it's more like a $30 AF

OK, Timothy, I knew that a second card would show the year of the original card, but are you saying that it would show THIS month and LAST year as the opening date, making it look older than the original? I thought it just took the month and date of the first card!

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Re: Oops - just applied for AmEx Blue...

I will report back once I hear something - please keep your fingers crossed that the 'something' I hear is a good something! I'm full of paranoid thoughts now that they're going to reconsider everything and decide not to give me the Green OR the Blue, or something... argh!

Also - slight 'correction' to the scores! After I posted this, I went to collect our mail and found that we'd been sent the latest credit scores pulled as part of our mortgage app - seems that since I last paid to check TU and EX a couple of weeks ago, the fact that one of my cards has reached its first birthday (as has the relevant inquiry) and another one has reported a zero balance has resulted in a massive improvement to my scores. So it turns out AmEx weren't looking at my previous EX score of 670 after all - the latest EX FICO is apparently 704 (see below - yep, I'm quite stunned by the huge increase as well!) - wouldn't want to mislead anyone as to what my score was when I got accepted for the Blue card.

... and hopefully that nice new score might make rejection for the Green less likely - like I said, I will be reporting back when I know more! Smiley Happy
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Re: Oops - just applied for AmEx Blue...


After checking the site all afternoon for any change in status (and finding none), I caved in and called. Nice CSR lady put me through to some 'new accounts' people - I was told that my application was on someone's desk, cue the person I was talking to trying to find out if they were available... then telling me that they weren't, but that they were sending me a letter. Mmm, I don't want any letters, thanks!

Over the next hour or so, I freaked out a bit and thought 'argh, either they're just writing me a rejection letter, or I've fallen foul of one of those nasty sounding financial reviews!'... at which point I chickened out and called them and asked them to cancel that app for me. Which they agreed to do, very pleasantly, and extolling the virtues of the Blue (which I should apparently be receiving in a few days) all the while. Within seconds I had an email confirming that the app for the Green was cancelled, and the online status changed to that effect, too.

Yeah, I'm a scaredy-cat! But if AmEx will happily agree to increase my limit one week and give me the Blue the next, I don't want to go incurring their wrath by asking them for an actual, real life charge card if that's going to make them all antsy. I'll just be very, very, VERY good with the cards I have... don't want to push it, after all the stuff I've read about What Happens When You Make AmEx Antsy!!
EQ: 723 / TU: 760 (August 2009)
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