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Orchard cli!!

i got my boa unsecured today so i called orchard about a cli got a 200 cli for 30.00 now 1100 on orchard not bad..
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Re: Orchard cli!!

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Congrats your just having the best of luck today.
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Re: Orchard cli!!

You're on a roll! Good job!
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Re: Orchard cli!!

Up to date status on my Orchard Mastercard Card...Opened on 04/08 with a $300 CL, 1st requested CLI on 03/09, received a $600 CLI, 2nd requested CLI on 09/09, received a $200 CLI. Today I logged in to my account and noticed yet another CLI of $200 (automated this time). NO fees (EVER) for any CLI's and NO hard pulls. I now have a total CL of $1300.


I did plan on calling for a CLI on 03/10, seems as though Orchard beat me to the punch this time!  Should I settle for the $1300 CL or do as planned and call and request another CLI on 03/10?


Thanks to ALL!
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Re: Orchard cli!!

I'm here to jump on the bandwagon.  I too got a $200.00 automatic CLI this weekend.  I think Orchard's feeling generous!
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Re: Orchard cli!!

Auto CLI from Orchard? WTG BF79.  Ole My2 said let me hold something til next friday :smileywink: just kidding, I still have the orchard money number and I know how to go and get some.
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Re: Orchard cli!!

pdinero wrote:
I'm here to jump on the bandwagon.  I too got a $200.00 automatic CLI this weekend.  I think Orchard's feeling generous!


I'm jumping on as well.  Just checked my account and Orchard bumped my cl up $200 as well.  Now I'm at $1300.:smileyhappy:
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