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Paid charge offs and blacklisting

I have found numerous topics on unpaid charge offs and blacklisting by banks. However, I was unable to find topics on "paid" charge offs. My situation is I had one account each with Citibank and Bank of America since 2000. I had a great payment history with both until about 2007 (divorce) and both accounts were charged off that year. The Citibank account went to a collection agency, which I recieved numerous letters and calls from.  Due to their very aggressive tone from the onset, I refused to send them any payments, instead sending payments over a 4 year period directly to Citibank. The Bank of America charge off I was told was with their in-house collection department. I also sent payments directly to them over this 4 year period. Each account was for approximately $10,000 and were all paid in full in 2011. Does anyone know if they treat a "paid" charge off any differently than an unpaid? I would assume if it's a write-off for them, probably not. The reason I'm asking is am I wasting my time (hard inquiry) in applying for a new line of credit with them because of the charge offs, and/or because the charge offs were rather recent? Both are showing as paid charge offs on my credit reports. Does anyone know why the collection agency for Citibank never showed up on any credit reports back in 2007 or even now? 

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Re: Paid charge offs and blacklisting

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Re: Paid charge offs and blacklisting

If you had paid them back in full, you shouldn't be blacklisted (my guess).

However, they could still decline your app on the basis of precious delinquencies / lates with your accounts.

One best way to go about doing this is to really give it some time, preferably long enough for it to fall off your CR.
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Re: Paid charge offs and blacklisting

Citi holds such a grudge that they refused to give me a corporate card without my managing director cosigning it. Naturally that simply was never gonna happen so I have to use my own cards to travel and ask for reimbursement.


When I have to go to Hong Kong or Tokyo, of course, this gets very expensive. Before my company merged they used AMEX, which holds a grudge for personal cards but did not give me fits for work cards (had one in the military.)

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Re: Paid charge offs and blacklisting

You might want to apply for Bofa first and see how it goes. If rejected then you can recon and tell how about your difficult situation and good behavior of complete payment. Also if you have good recent history then you should have a great chance of approval. Citi is sometimes tough with recon's but I got my highest limit card from them via recon only.

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Re: Paid charge offs and blacklisting

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IMO they could care less what happened in the past.


It all boils down to what's on your file today.  


I've had citi cards, hsbc, Amex you name it chargedoff in the past. Seven years later my scores are great and I'm approved again for Amex, Citi and hsbc cards (HSBC- low CL so I closed the account). 


Pay them what you own them and wait until the account/collection disappear from your CR.


It's all business!!!!


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Re: Paid charge offs and blacklisting

I was at the bottom of the barrel a few years ago and I'm amazed at how many pre-approvals I get in the mail on a weekly basis. 


Three cards is enough for me. I plan on dumping Cap One this month. 


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